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LillyCo Invitational

LillyCo Invitational Events Gallery

Recent Golf Tournaments

Each spring and fall we have the privilege of hosting our LillyCo Invitational where our customers and partners play 18 holes of golf, win prizes, and eat good food with better company. Find the event galleries below. 

Spring 2023
Old Waverly
Spring 2023 Old Waverly Golf Tournament

In the heart of Mississippi sits the historic Waverly Mansion and its scenic golf course where we have the privilege of hosting our semi-annual golf tournament.

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Spring 2022
Purcell Farms
Spring 2022 Purcell Farms Golf Tournament

Sylacauga Alabama is home of Pursell Farms' luxury golf club, FarmLinks; their southern hospitality and scenic views make this the perfect location for our semi-annual Lilly Invitationals. 

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