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Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments for all makes and models.


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Give Your Forklift Superpowers

Move more loads in less time while minimizing damage. We sell new and used forklift attachments for any industry or application. 

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Fork Positioners

If your operators are on and off the truck multiple times per day repositioning forks, a fork positioner attachment will quickly pay for itself. Fork positioners also help reduce product damage.

Forklift Fork Positioner K-Series


This attachment allows the operator to move the forks laterally from left to right instead of jockeying the forklift into position. Side-shifters are one of the most popular forklift attachments.

Forklift Side-Shifter

Bale Clamp

Bale clamps are essential for high-volume applications that require damage-free and secure handling of baled goods.

Forklift Bale Clamp Attachment

Carton Clamps

If your operation handles white goods, consumer electronics, or unitized loads, a carton clamp allows you to move more products in less time while minimizing damage. Easily pick up and move both palletized and non-palletized goods.

Forklift Carton Clamps

Paper Roll Clamps

Efficiently move drums or paper rolls without crushing, denting or otherwise damaging your materials. Most attachments have a rotation function.

Forklift Paper Roll Attachment


Push/Pulls allow you to move loads on inexpensive slip sheets instead of messy pallets. Slip sheets are placed under a load, and the attachment is used to push or pull the material on or off. This is ideal for bagged products, bottled beverages, cases of food and electronics.


Multiple Load Handlers

When a forklift can carry one, two, even up to six pallets at a time, productivity increases 50-80%. Businesses large and small benefit from using multi-load handlers like the popular single-double forklift attachment.

Multiple Load Handlers

Carpet Poles

If you are in the carpet-moving business, look no further than this attachment. Made of heavy-duty coils, carpet poles can help you move your large rolls of carpet, no problem.

Carpet Poles


Rotators allow your forklift's forks to rotate 360º in either direction. This is perfect for when you need to dump or invert a load. This attachment is commonly-used in food processing and manufacturing applications.


Maximize Your ROI

Attachments solve many problems by adding flexibility and efficiency to your business.


Forklift Attachments

Whatever your industry or application, we can help you find a new or used forklift attachment that will quickly pay for itself in improved productivity.

Not sure if a forklift attachment is right for you? Ask us about forklift attachment rental options.


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Attachments for any job

Increase performance, reduce labor costs, and optimize your operation. Let The Lilly Company do the heavy lifting for you. 

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