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Forklift Licenses For Your Team In

Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee
Forklift Safety Training: Trainer and Trainee


Group Forklift Training at Your Facility

Whether you need to certify aerial or forklift operators, create a pedestrian safety program, or provide refresher training, we’re here to support you. We offer:

Group Forklift Operator Safety Training

Group Forklift Safety Training

OSHA compliant on-site forklift training for forklift safety and certification.

Group Aerial Lift & MEWP Safety Training

Group Aerial Lift Safety Training

Mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) certification for your scissor lift operators.

Group Pedestrian Safety Training

Group Pedestrian Safety Training

Keep your operators and pedestrians safe with on-site pedestrian safety training.

Group Forklift Safety Training

Avoid expensive fines and help your associates get home safely to their families each day. Complete our training inquiry form to connect with a safety expert who can answer any questions you may have or schedule training at your facility.

OSHA-Approved Forklift Classes

We provide group forklift training at your facility. Your team will be trained on sit-down counterbalanced forklifts (electric and gas/propane – Class I, IV & V.)  We offer:

  • On-site Forklift Certification Classes
  • Refresher Training (required every 3 years or following an incident/near-miss)
  • Aerial and Scissor Lift Training and Certification
  • Forklift Trainer Certifications

Forklift Safety Training




Safety training is one of the best ways to protect your team members and prevent expensive incidents (OSHA’s minimum fine is around $10,000). The Lilly Company offers comprehensive safety training to ensure your operation complies with state and federal laws.

OSHA requires employers to provide forklift operator training for vehicle inspection and maintenance. Operators must be over 18 years of age and be recertified at least once every three years.

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Forklift Safety Training: Trainer and Trainee
Smiling Male Forklift Driver
Smiling Male Forklift Driver