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Warehouse Automation
Dock & Door Solutions

Warehouse Automation

Maximize efficiency, profitability, and accuracy with innovative warehouse automation across the Mid-South in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Eastern Arkansas.

Transform My Warehouse

Tailored Solutions

Revolutionize your warehouse with cutting-edge automation systems.

Transform your warehouse with state-of-the-art automation systems from The Lilly Company. We are dedicated to delivering tailor-made, innovative automation solutions that supercharge productivity and optimize operations.


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) navigate autonomously, improving material transport and reducing manual effort.

AS/RS Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems streamline material movement, optimizing speed and consistency.

Lift Tables

Lift tables and lift carts enhance ergonomics and flexibility in warehouses, making them perfect for varying load heights.


Robotics and robotic picking arms increase picking speed and precision while minimizing manual tasks.

Sortation Systems

Efficiently categorize and route items at high speeds, enhancing sorting accuracy and operations in your warehouse.

Goods to Person

Goods-to-person automates retrieval, reducing picking times, removing manual labor, and enhancing accuracy.

Order Fulfillment

Streamline and speed up your order fulfillment process with systems designed to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Floor Care

Keep your warehouse floors clean with automated floor care for improved safety with minimal manual effort.

On-Site Consultations

Get expert advice and tailored solutions to optimize your operation and plan for effective automation integration.

Custom Designs

We create customized automation designs, precisely tailored to meet your warehouse's unique needs and budget.

System Integration

Seamlessly integrate diverse automation systems in your warehouse for a unified, efficient operational flow.

Service & Repair

We provide fast service and repairs in order to keep your automation systems running smoothly and efficiently.


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are smart, self-navigating vehicles that streamline material handling, reduce manual labor, and increase operational safety. AGVs provide measurable improvements in productivity and a significant reduction in operational costs. AGVs are ideal for transporting goods to intricate picking tasks. AGVs are key to a dynamic, responsive, and future-proof warehouse environment.

Custom AGV from The Lilly Company

Gain the Competitive Edge

Turn your operation into a profit-making machine and stay ahead of your competition.

Go beyond just streamlining. We'll tailor your operations for peak profitability and efficiency so you can embrace a future of lower costs, less waste, and higher output while staying ahead of your competition.


Streamline operations with Toyota's Bastian Solutions to maximize productivity and reduce waste.


Leverage Bastian Solutions' advanced systems to minimize errors and optimize order fulfillment.


Adapt and grow effortlessly with countless flexible automation solutions tailored for all business sizes.


Enhance workplace conditions with our systems designed to reduce hazards and improve ergonomics.


Stay ahead with our state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring your warehouse meets future demands.


Seamlessly combine our solutions with your existing infrastructure for a holistic operational approach.

Transform Your Warehouse with Customized Automation

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