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Warehouse Automation
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Maximize Vertical Space, Streamline Operations, Increase Efficiency

With Our Pallet Racking Solutions

Designed to help Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee warehouses increase revenue, optimize storage capacity, and accelerate productivity.

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Maximize Efficiency

Optimize Storage Capacity

Accelerate Productivity

Clutter, insufficient storage, and disorganization in your warehouse create stress and issues like:

  • Profit and revenue loss
  • Higher labor expenses
  • Damage to inventory
  • Stockouts, delays, and sale losses
  • Safety risks, injuries, and lawsuits
Stressed Warehouse Manager in Messy Warehouse

The Hidden Cost of Clutter

Clutter, disorganization, and lack of storage cause more than profit and revenue leakage. It also causes: 

Customer Complaints

Disorganized inventory leads to poor service and dissatisfied customers.

Inventory Challenges

Challenges in locating and managing inventory hamper efficiency.

Lack of Growth

Limited storage restricts product revenue, business expansion, and growth.

Reputation Damage

Inadequate organization negatively impacts the company’s reputation.

Wasted Space

Inefficient space use leads to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

Safety Hazards

Cluttered spaces can cause accidents, injuries, and legal issues.

Loss of Business

Low sales and poor customer satisfaction can result in business loss.

Lack of Access

Hard-to-reach inventory creates higher labor costs and a bad mood for all.

Store more, Stress less

Don't let clutter and lack of storage jeopardize the stability and efficiency of your warehouse operation.

Managing warehouse operations and logistics can be overwhelming when you’re dealing with clutter, limited space, and disorganization. 

You shouldn't have to face these challenges alone. 

Schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a safer, more efficient warehouse.

Get a Warehouse Optimization Analysis

Pallet Rack System in Warehouse


Selective Rack Pallet Racking System

Unlock Untapped Storage Potential

Our experienced team will work closely with you to create an optimized pallet racking solution tailored specifically to your unique needs, goals, and budget. With our help, you can finally:


Maximizing vertical storage allows room for more product and increases profitability and business growth opportunities.


Custom storage solutions allows you to streamline operations, improve throughout, and reduce revenue & profit loss.


Organization helps to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and empower your people to achieve peak performance.


Pallet racking systems enable seamless organization, efficient material handling, and improved workflow.


Reliable and stable pallet racking provides secure storage and minimizes the risk of accidents, liability, and product damage.


We’ll help you unlock untapped potential of your warehouse to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Let us help you maximize operational success and elevate your warehouse to peak efficiency. 

Get a Warehouse Optimization Analysis


Your Reliable Partner in Warehouse Optimization

We understand the challenges of maximizing warehouse space and the importance of warehouse efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

With over 100 years of industry experience and more than 70 years of warehouse optimization expertise, The Lilly Company is the go-to authority for pallet racking solutions. 

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to our customers. With a genuine commitment to your success, we offer personable, honest, and loyal service.

Your success is our top priority.

Get a Warehouse Optimization Analysis

 Pallet Racking & Automation Consultation

Warehouse Pallet Racking Services

We provide complete warehouse solutions and services to streamline your operations, including site surveys, CAD drawings, permit support, project management, rack inspection services, and more. Our services include:

Site Survey & Consulting

An on-site survey, detailed warehouse analysis, and consultation are provided for warehouse optimization.

CAD Drawings

Our CAD drawings of warehouse layouts enable visualization of proposed pallet racking solutions.

Design & Engineering

Our racking systems are designed and engineered to maximize your warehouse efficiency and safety.

Permit Support

We provide permit support, ensuring compliance with local regulations for racking and automation approval.

Rack Installation

From start to finish, we'll handle the installation process and ensure quality and timely completion.

Inspections & Repair

We evaluate, repair, and maintain your rack systems to prevent safety risks and ensure peak performance.

Rack Removal

If you need pallet racking removal, our team is there to remove and relocate it with minimal disruption.

Fire & Safety Consulting

Safety is our top priority, so we’ll help identify potential hazards and ensure fire codes and regulations.

Let us help you maximize operational success and make your warehouse run seamlessly.

Get a Warehouse Optimization Analysis

Pallet Racking System
Pallet Racking System
Pallet Racking System
Pallet Racking System
"The Lilly Company has partnered with us on many different racking layouts. They are great at laying out a racking plan to help you achieve your goal, and they work with you from start to finish. The installers are quick, accurate, and easy to work with."
Derrick Bristol, Sr. Warehouse and Logistics Manager
Derrick Bristol, Sr. Warehouse and Logistics Manager
Crown Laboratories

We Make It Easy

Our goal is to make this an easy and valuable process. Here’s how we’ll help you transform your warehouse:

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Step 1: Get a Warehouse Analysis

Take the first step by scheduling a free on-site warehouse optimization analysis. Simply fill out the form, and our team will promptly arrange a convenient meeting to get to know your operation.

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Step 2: Trust Our Expertise

Our experts will conduct an on-site detailed analysis, considering your specific goals, requirements, and budget, to propose an optimized solution to increase your storage space, promote productivity, optimize efficiency, and enhance safety.

Step 3 Icon

Step 3: Unlock Efficiency

We’ll help you unlock untapped potential in your operation through enhanced efficiency with our optimized pallet racking solutions. Prepare for remarkable success!

Complete the form to unlock your warehouse’s potential.

eBook: Transform Clutter Into Profit - A Complete Guide to Pallet Racking Solutions


Transform Clutter Into Profit: A Complete Guide to Pallet Racking Solutions

We genuinely care about your success.

That’s why we want to help you achieve optimal performance and maximum storage in your warehouse. In our free guide, you will learn: 

  • Common warehouse challenges that hinder efficiency & productivity.
  • Pallet racking types, the problems it solves, and best use for each type.
  • Types of pallet racking systems we recommend and why we recommend them.
  • Five strategies for maximizing operational efficiency and productivity.
  • How to ensure safety in warehouse operations.

Download Free Guide

Your Success Is Our Priority

Managing a warehouse can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with insufficient storage, overcrowding, and disorganization. 

Our commitment to your success means we're dedicated to unlocking untapped potential in your warehouse. With your success as our top priority, let us help you transform your warehouse so you can efficiently store more, and stress less.

Pallet Racking Service & Repair

Rest Assured, We’re Committed

We understand that you might have concerns or reservations when it comes to optimizing your warehouse with customized pallet racking systems. 

Whether it's budget constraints, space limitations, implementation challenges, or any other concerns, our experienced team is ready to work with you to find customized solutions that align with your specific needs, goals, and budget.

Pallet Racking System Installation

We Genuinely Care About You

We're here to listen, understand, and proactively address any concerns you have. Our commitment is to provide you with the necessary support and solutions to ensure your confidence in partnering with us.

We are dedicated to helping you overcome anything that stands in the way of transforming your warehouse into a highly efficient and profitable operation. 

Your success is our top priority. 

Pallet Racking Safety Training

Pallet Racking Safety Inspections, Service & Repair

Your pallet racks are the backbone of your warehouse, and we're here to ensure they stand strong, safe, and efficient with personalized inspections, services, and repairs.

Pallet Racking Safety

At The Lilly Company, we want to ensure safety and efficiency of your warehouse. That's why we offer Pallet Racking Safety Inspections, Service, and Repair.

As your partner, we will ensure your racking systems are always up to code, and that any hiccup is addressed with the care and the expertise it deserves. You focus on your business, and let us take care of the racks that support it.

Pallet Racking Safety Inspections, Service & Repair

Racking Inspections

We'll inspect every nook and cranny to identify any safety risks or wear in your racks.

Racking Service

We'll perform scheduled routine tune-ups for your racks to assure they stand strong and safe.

Racking Repair

We'll repair damages, from minor dings to major issues, ensuring your racks are always up to the task.


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