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Toyota Heavy-Duty Forklifts Deliver power, safety, precision, innovation, efficiency, reliability, versatility, durability, adaptability

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Elevate Efficiency with Toyota High-Capacity Forklifts

Toyota's heavy-duty forklifts redefine material handling. Experience powerful performance, reliability, productivity, precision, and safety.

Toyota's High-Capacity IC Pneumatic THD Forklift

With a 22,000 to 125,000 lbs lift capacity, this diesel-powered workhorse excels in demanding tasks. It's 3-speed automatic powershift and Cummins 4.5L turbocharged engine ensure robust performance. Choose Toyota THD for unmatched strength and confidence in tackling challenges.

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Toyota High-Capacity IC Pneumatic THD

Toyota's High-Capacity 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota's 80V Electric Pneumatic is known for performance. Lift capacity of 4,000 to 17,500lbs, AC electric drive, and zero emissions make it perfect for indoor, eco-conscious settings. Silent, precise, and efficient, it elevates material handling responsibly.

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Toyota High-Capacity 80V Electric Pneumatic

Toyota's High-Capacity Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota's Mid IC Pneumatic blends versatility and power. With an 8,000 to 11,000 lbs lift capacity, this LP Gas workhorse meets varied material handling needs. It's 2-speed powershift, and 87 HP engine deliver safety, precision, and performance indoors or out.

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High-Capacity Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota's High-Capacity Large IC Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota's Large IC Pneumatic excels in heavy-duty lifting. With a 13,500 to 17,500 lb lift capacity, it tackles tough tasks effortlessly. It's 2-speed powershift, and 87 HP engine ensure control, safety, and efficiency, enhancing productivity. Trust in Toyota's powerful Large IC Pneumatic for reliability and strength.

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High-Capacity Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift

Elevate Productivity with Komatsu Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Experience the fusion of strength, agility, and durability that defines Komatsu's exceptional range of heavy-duty forklifts.

Komatsu High-Capacity Diesel CX50 Forklift

The Komatsu CX50 is a powerful and nimble forklift. With 8,000 to 11,000 lbs lift capacity, it excels in tight spaces, boasting Torque Flow Powershift transmission, smooth operations, and 92.5 HP from the GCT EBT T45 1A engine. Liberate workforce potential with Komatsu's CX50's compact robustness.

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Komatsu CX50 Heavy-Duty Forklift

Komatsu High-Capacity Pneumatic FH Series Forklifts

Elevate material handling with the versatile Komatsu FH Series. 8,000 to 35,000lbs lift capacities, Electronic Hydrostatic transmission, and three engine options (FH35-50: 66.4 HP, FH35-80: 68.6 HP, FH35-160: 100 HP) ensure precision, safety, and performance. Embrace efficiency with the Komatsu FH Series.

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Komatsu FH Series Heavy-Duty Forklift

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