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Rick Gilleland

Forklift repair from The Lilly Company

3 min read

Fast Forklift Repair That’s Done Right

Forklifts are an essential part of any warehouse or distribution center. When they break down, it can cause significant disruption in operations. You need to get your trucks fixed fast to get your crew back to work. That's why finding a reliable...

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Top 3 Signs Your Forklift Brakes My Fail

3 min read

Top 3 Signs Your Forklift Brakes May Fail

Pop quiz: which of the following issues are clear warning signs a forklift’s brakes need to be repaired: A grinding noise Soft or spongy brakes...

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Forklift OEM vs Aftermarket Parts: which is best?

2 min read

Forklift Replacement Parts: Should I Use OEM VS. Aftermarket Parts?

When you’re managing a forklift fleet, uptime is your main focus. Forklift fleet managers see the big picture of their forklifts and their impact on...

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