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Fast Forklift Repair That’s Done Right

Forklift repair from The Lilly Company

Forklift Repair - That’s Done Right

Forklifts are an essential part of any warehouse or distribution center. When they break down, it can cause significant disruption in operations. You need to get your trucks fixed fast to get your crew back to work. That's why finding a reliable forklift repair service is crucial.

Here at The Lilly Company, keeping your business up and running is our reason for doing what we do. With our commitment to providing top-notch customer service, you can focus on what's important - growing your business! We offer fast forklift repairs when you need them most and reliable servicing to keep your crew working.

Comprehensive Forklift Service & Forklift Repair

We provide comprehensive forklift maintenance and service plans to prevent costly and disruptive issues so that you can maximize uptime. Our technicians will come to you and provide regular servicing to minimize repairs and address issues before they arise.

Here’s a short list of the forklift repair services we provide to busy warehouse operators and the solutions we recommend to avoid costly downtime:

Forklift Fleet Service

If you’re a warehouse operator overseeing a fleet of trucks, we can help keep your operation running smoothly. We repair all types of warehouse handling equipment, and we can regularly service your forklift fleet, no matter the size. Let us handle your forklift fleet repairs so you can stay engaged in your warehouse operation.

Mobile Forklift Repairs

We can save you time and money by bringing our mobile repair service directly to you. Our mobile forklift repair vehicles are available 24/7, and we’re just a phone call away. We keep hundreds of forklift parts in stock at all times so that we can repair your downed forklift quickly. Our service vans carry a sizable portion of our parts inventory so that we can make most repairs on the first visit. Our service vans are fully-equipped to handle the most common forklift repairs. We aim to respond to service calls within 4 hours and will go above and beyond to get you up and running ASAP.

Forklift Battery Repair & Maintenance

Approximately 80% of all service calls to The Lilly Company are resolved on the first time out, including common battery issues. When your trucks are up and running, we all win. Maintaining the forklift batteries of your fleet is essential. We’ll repair what’s broken and provide options for regular servicing to avoid future downtime.

Maintaining Your Forklifts Always Beats Breaking Down

You work your trucks hard and need them to work for you daily. Getting your fleet on a maintenance schedule is the smart way to keep your investment profitable in these uncertain times. Avoiding scheduled maintenance is just asking for costly breakdowns to disrupt your workflow. We can help you avoid untimely breakdowns while keeping your crew safe and saving you money. We’re here to serve you and save you from truck issues that keep your crew on the sidelines.

The Most Commonly Replaced Forklift Parts

Were happy to serve you when you have a breakdown. Over the years, we’ve saved hundreds of warehouse operators in a pinch with fast and reliable repair service. But when we work together, we can do more than pull you out of a tight spot. Let us regularly service your forklifts so you can avoid unexpected repairs and costly downtime.

We can get you on a service schedule where our technicians come to you to keep your crew up and running. Here’s a list of the most commonly-replaced and serviced forklift parts:

  1. Air Filter
  2. Oil Filter
  3. Hydraulic Fluid
  4. Forklift Starter
  5. Premium SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil
  6. Chain and Cable Lubricant
  7. Inner Slide Lubricant
  8. Brake Shoes

Regular service to your forklift fleet can help you avoid expensive downtime due to one of these parts wearing out or needing attention.

Forklift Brands We Service And Repair

We offer forklift service and repairs for the below brands and beyond. We’ll keep you running strong, so you don’t waste time with downed forklifts.

  • Toyota Forklift Service
  • Clark Forklift Service
  • Linde Forklift Service
  • Komatsu Forklift Service

Certified Forklift Technicians Make All The Difference

We have over 120 technicians, in the field, EVERYDAY, to help keep operations just like yours, going strong! Plus, we encourage and incentivize our technicians to further their technical skills and knowledge by providing the most comprehensive training programs available.  In fact, most all of our technicians have earned a “master-level” of certification, with the remainder of them well on their way to that goal! So, you could safely say, we’re the forklift service experts that will help you minimize downtime and maximize profit.

Get in touch today, and we’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan for all of your forklift service and repair needs.

With The Lilly Company, you'll never have to worry about your forklift fleet again. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable material handling experts can help keep your forklift fleet running better for longer. That’s what we call fast forklift repair done right.

Contact a forklift expert at The Lilly Company online or by phone at 844-LILLYCO with any questions you have, or visit us at one of our 13 locations across the Mid-South:

Arkansas – Jonesboro
Alabama - Birmingham, Dothan, Irondale, Madison, Mobile, and Montgomery
Mississippi - Tupelo, and Richland
Tennessee - Jackson, Memphis, Knoxville, and Kingsport

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