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Forklift Training

4 min read

Top 4 Forklift Operator Bad Habits

Ever seen someone trying to drive and text at the same time? Most of us have, even though we all know using a smartphone while driving is dangerous. Unfortunately, a recent survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found:

  • 52% of drivers admitted...
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3 min read

Top 6 Reasons Companies Need OSHA Forklift Certification

If you have ever found yourself on the wrong side of OSHA regulations, you know how damaging the fines and negative impact on your team can be to your business. Ensuring that employees get OSHA forklift certification is crucial and can save you from a...

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2 min read

OSHA Forklift Pedestrian Safety 101: How to Enhance Pedestrian Safety Around Forklifts

OSHA requires that forklift operators receive training, though many agree that the training is shy on the details covering warehouse pedestrian safety. Regardless of how you feel about OSHA rules, you can make your warehouse safer just by following OSHA...

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1 min read

OSHA Forklift Training Requirements for Your Staff

When it comes to operating forklifts, safety should be your top priority. OSHA requires all forklift operators in any workplace to be certified before operating your equipment. Ultimately, providing training and certification is your responsibility as an...

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