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OSHA Forklift Training Requirements for Your Staff

OSHA Forklift Training Requirements for Your Staff

Blog Image - OSHA Forklift Training Requirements for Your StaffWhen it comes to operating forklifts, safety should be your top priority. OSHA requires all forklift operators in any workplace to be certified before operating your equipment. Ultimately, providing training and certification is your responsibility as an employer. When updating your training program, keep these requirements in mind.

OSHA Forklift Certification Training Standards

OSHA requires forklift training to be split into two sections classroom and in-person:

Classroom Forklift Training Section

Classroom training is designed to teach essential knowledge of safe operation and best practices for regular forklift operations. Topics covered may include general principles of physics related to forklift operation, daily inspections, and other information specific to unique applications.

In-Person Section for Forklift Training

OSHA requires in-person training during forklift certification programs so that operators can demonstrate knowledge of forklift applications and their own mastery of safe operation. Operators are required to be trained on the equipment and methods that they will be using on the job. Because of this, operators may be required to complete training on several different types of equipment in different areas for the hands-on portion of training.

Training Requirements for Specific Forklift Equipment

Workers are required to complete training on the equipment type and application that they will be using on the job. They must also be recertified if their work equipment and expectations change. For instance, a worker certified in order pickers would need to be recertified to use stand-up forklifts or other customized dock to stock equipment. The same applies for when you add new forklifts to your fleet - your operators should be trained in the safe operation of new forklift configurations.

When Does Your Operator Certification Expire?

Forklift operators must be recertified every three years. In the case of a workplace incident involving forklifts or other industrial equipment, workers must also be retrained and certified before resuming regular work.

Can Forklift Certifications Transfer?

While having a past certification may help secure new employment, all new forklift operator employees must be trained and certified by the new employer. The forklift operator certification does not work like a driver’s license - operators must be trained and certified in equipment and applications specific to the new workplace.

Complete Forklift Certification Training Support for Your Staff

Providing training and certification that is compliant with OSHA standards is key for your employees’ safety and your company’s liability. The Lilly Company provides full training and certification to keep your people safer and more productive. Contact us to learn more about our training programs and see how we can help.

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