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Forklift Rental

1 min read

Buying vs. Leasing a Forklift - What You Need To Know

If you need more forklifts for your business, your options can seem overwhelming. For long-term use, you need to choose between buying or leasing your units. It doesn’t have to be a tough decision, though. If you’re weighing your equipment options,...

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3 min read

Top 4 Reasons to Rent Vs. Buy a Forklift

Many people think the only reason to rent a forklift is to meet a temporary need. For example:

  • There’s a seasonal spike in business or a one-off job
  • A forklift that hasn’t been maintained properly has a major breakdown

The examples above are the most...

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3 min read

What You Need to Know Before Buying or Renting a Scissor Lift

Interested in buying or renting a scissor lift? Smart move.

Scissor lifts are not just a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding; they can help you make massive productivity gains. Our most successful warehouse and distribution center clients own...

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2 min read

We Rent It All, Even Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklifts

Why Rent a Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklift?


Reason #1: Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Renting gives you the flexibility to customize your fleet as business needs change. It doesn’t make sense to invest in equipment long-term when you only need it...

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