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We Rent It All, Even Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklifts

We Rent It All, Even Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklifts

We Rent It All, Even Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklifts

Why Rent a Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity Forklift?


Reason #1: Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Renting gives you the flexibility to customize your fleet as business needs change. It doesn’t make sense to invest in equipment long-term when you only need it for one job or because of a temporary spike in business. 

  • With a rental, you can simply return equipment you’re no longer using. 
  • If you might buy the equipment you’re renting, let us know. We offer flexible lease agreements that allow you to purchase the forklift (if you choose) when the contract ends.

Heavy-duty forklift rental is popular in the following industries:

  • Dye handling
  • Coil handling
  • Stamping
  • Equipment movement
  • Contractors
  • Lumberyards
  • Stone yards

Reason #2: Try Before You Buy

Unsure whether a forklift will meet your needs or want to compare a few different options? Renting before you buy can help you make a confident, informed buying decision.

We have a massive inventory of heavy-duty forklifts ready to go in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and eastern Arkansas. Whether you need a forklift for your lumberyard, steel operation, automotive, or any other application that requires extra power, we have the forklift you need. 

In addition to 3000-15,000 lb. cushion forklifts, we also rent 3000-15,000 lb. pneumatic (outdoor) forklifts and 20,000-40,000 lb. high-capacity forklifts for special applications. 

Whatever you need, The Lilly Company can rent it to you. If we don’t have the forklift you want in stock, we’ll get it for you. We once rented an expandable counterweight truck capable of lifting 40,000-60,000 lbs.

Get the Equipment You Need With One Phone Call - We Rent It All

We have a massive fleet of rental forklifts prepped and ready to rent at all times. The Lilly Company rents all types of forklifts (not just high-capacity) including:

  • Standard 3000-5000 lb. IC forklifts for warehousing or outdoor use
  • 6,000 lb. up to 40,000 lb. heavy-duty forklifts
  • Rent by the day, week, or month
  • Electric, LP gas, and diesel forklifts available
  • A variety of attachments

We also rent other material handling equipment

Need to rent a scissor lift, boom lift, Ottawa spot trucks (yard tractor), pallet jack, tugger, or industrial cleaning equipment? We have that too. 

All rentals include standard routine maintenance, including replacement parts due to normal wear and tear. If a problem occurs with your rental, we have 120 mobile service vans ready to deploy from locations across Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and eastern Arkansas.

No matter what, we’ll help you keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We’re always just a phone call, text, or email away.  

Contact the Forklift Rental Experts in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas

Some operations will convince you to choose rental equipment based on whatever they have left on the lot. That’s not how we work. Our goal is to help you get the best equipment for your needs and budget. 

When you book your rental, we’ll ask a few questions to make sure you get the best equipment for your application. Contact a friendly equipment rental expert online or by phone (800-238-3006). You can also visit us at one of our 13 locations across the Mid-South.

Arkansas - Jonesboro
Alabama - Birmingham, Dothan, Irondale, Madison, Mobile, and Montgomery
Mississippi - Tupelo, and Richland
Tennessee - Jackson, Kingsport, Knoxville, and Memphis

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