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Why This Electric Pneumatic Forklift Should Be Your #1 Draft Pick

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Why This Electric Pneumatic Forklift Should be Your #1 Draft PickIf the Clark GEX electric pneumatic forklift were a football player, it would be the #1 draft pick for any team. This electric lift truck is a two-way player that's tough, fast, and agile. Operations currently using one forklift for indoor applications and another for moderate outdoor work can use a Clark GEX to handle both jobs — and you won't have to compromise on performance. Clark's 80-volt 100% AC motor provides the speed you'd expect from an internal combustion engine lift truck, but it costs a lot less to maintain. Contact us online or by phone 800-238-3006 to learn more. Or, read on to find out which businesses benefit most from using an electric pneumatic forklift.

Why Buy a Clark GEX Electric Pneumatic Forklift? 

Clark's GEX electric pneumatic is designed to be an indoor-outdoor forklift. The solid pneumatic tires allow the truck to maneuver over uneven terrain and travel safely across wet environments. The GEX's zero turning radius means it can operate in places other forklifts can't, like narrow aisles in cold storage environments.

Minimize Downtime in Shipping Receiving and Transportation

In an industry with razor-thin margins, a dynamic electric forklift like Clark's GEX gives you a competitive advantage. An electric pneumatic forklift:

  • Improves efficiency - with its indoor/outdoor capability,
  • Reduces downtime - because it requires very little maintenance
  • Costs less to own - due to fewer moving parts 

Across the Mid-South, transportation operations are switching from IC to electric, and they're not switching back. 

Safe for Cotton and Food Applications

Food processing and pharmaceutical applications are required to use electric forklifts because they are fume-free. In the cotton industry, it's okay to use an LP gas forklift (with safeguards). But with an electric forklift, you don't have to worry about sparks. They also cost a lot less to own.

Tight Turning Radius for Cold Storage and Poultry Applications

Clark's GEX forklift is a surprisingly good fit for both cold storage and poultry applications. Its pneumatic tires and two-wheel drive provide excellent traction on wet surfaces. It also has the tightest possible turning radius for a 4-wheel forklift; check out this video clip.

  • Dual-reversing drive motors allow right angle stacking similar to a cushion tire electric.
  • The zero-turn steer axle gives you an exceptionally tight turning radius
  • Inside wheel power reverses in tight turns to prevent scuffing

Clark GEX 20/25/30 Electric Forklift Overview & Specs

  • 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 6500 lb capacity
  • 80-volt 100% enclosed, brushless AC motor
  • Same motor for E and EE-rated applications
  • Zero-turn steer axel and dual-reversing drive motors
  • Suitable for wet applications 
  • Thermal and stall protection 
  • Fast travel speeds - up to 9.7 mph loaded, 10.3 mph unloaded
  • Regen and wet disc brakes
  • Download spec sheet (PDF)

The Best Place to Buy a Clark Forklift in Alabama and Tennessee

Our experienced and friendly forklift experts will help you choose the right forklift for your business needs and budget. We take a listen-first approach. Tell us what problems you're trying to solve and what you want to achieve; we'll find the best equipment to help you get the job done.

The Lilly Company is an authorized Clark forklift dealer with locations throughout Alabama,  TennesseeContact us online or by phone 800-238-3006 with any questions you have, or visit us at one of our Clark dealership locations in Alabama or Tennessee.

Alabama - Birmingham and Madison
Tennessee -  Kingsport and Knoxville

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