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8 Frequently-Replaced Clark Forklift Parts To Keep On Hand

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Forklift parts are a little harder to get these days due to shipping delays and supply shortages caused by COVID-19. Avoid unnecessary downtime by keeping commonly-replaced forklift parts on hand.

Keep reading for a list of eight frequently-replaced Clark forklift parts you might want to keep in stock.

If you're in Alabama or Tennessee and you need forklift parts fast, contact us at 800-238-3006, or fill out our parts request form. We stock more than a million dollars worth of OEM and aftermarket forklift parts, plus high-quality parts for other types of material handling equipment.

The Most Commonly-Replaced Clark Forklift Parts

Clark forklifts are hard-working, dependable and reliable, but every forklift has wearable parts that need to be replaced. The most commonly-replaced Clark Forklift parts include the following:

  1. Air Filter
  2. Oil Filter
  3. Hydraulic Fluid 
  4. Clark Forklift Starter 
  5. Premium SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil 
  6. Chain and Cable Lubricant 
  7. Innerslide Lubricant 
  8. Brake Shoes  

Replacing your forklift’s air and oil filters at manufacturer-recommended intervals is one of the cheapest ways to extend the life of your forklift and maximize fuel economy. Sure, a forklift can run with a dirty filter, but it puts additional strain on the engine. 

Clark Forklift Oil Filter

Imagine going for a run with a dirty rag across your face — bad idea. Having air and oil filters on hand makes it easy to replace them when needed.



Oil and hydraulic fluid are the lifeblood of your forklift. 

Keeping fluids topped up and lines clean is another simple, inexpensive way to get the most out of your equipment investment.

Brake Shoes  
If you’ve purchased one of our full-service maintenance plans, you don’t have to worry about keeping brake shoes (or any of the products on this page) in stock. 


Our service plans are designed to help you minimize ownership and repair costs.Brake shoes are important to keep on hand if in-house forklift technicians maintain your lift trucks.Replacing brake shoes in a timely manner will prevent expensive brake drum replacements and catastrophic accidents.

Brake inspections should be part of your forklift operators’ pre-shift checklist.That said, if you hear grinding, squealing or other loud noises coming from the forklift brakes, have the forklift inspected right away. Schedule service or repair for your Clark forklift.

Get Forklift Parts ASAP in Alabama and Tennessee

The Lilly Company is an authorized Clark forklift dealer for the Mid-South. We have the parts, technicians and experience to keep your forklifts (and your business) running in peak condition. We offer:

  • A 95% Fill rate on Clark parts
  • 1-day turnaround on all other major parts

The next time you need forklift parts or forklift repair, call on The Lilly Company. We provide parts and service for all forklift makes and models. Our factory-trained technicians arrive in a well-stocked repair van, but if additional parts are needed, delivery is free.

Contact a forklift parts expert at The Lilly Company online or by phone 800-238-3006 with any questions you have, or come say hello at one of our locations in Alabama or Tennessee.

Alabama - Birmingham and Madison
Tennessee -  Kingsport and Knoxville

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