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How to Find a Forklift Dealership You Trust

How to Find a Forklift Dealership You Trust

How to Find a Forklift Dealership You TrustWhen you enter into business with a material handling service provider, you expect results. You trust in the customer service, the quality of forklift maintenance and guidance, and the provider’s integrity. The sad reality, though, is that not all service providers supply the same level of quality.

Your service provider or dealership should know you as a partner. They should be honest, upfront, and willing to make things right for you - the customer. You shouldn’t see hidden costs or false claims. Above all, you should be able to trust that your service provider is on your side. Let’s take a look at what sets service providers apart.


When you sign up for a full maintenance plan for your forklift, make sure there are no trap doors. Sometimes, dishonest dealers slip in sneaky clauses that let them charge exorbitant amounts for large repair jobs later. Read the fine print and ask questions about any hidden fees that may come up down the road.

Quality Counts

Day-to-day forklift operation takes its toll. Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business operation, and you want it to last. Cheap equipment is cheap for a reason. Besides the downtime and decline in productivity your business sees, the cost of repairs adds up quickly. Invest in a high-quality forklift. If price is an issue, there are options such as reconditioned equipment from respected manufacturers like Toyota, Clark, and Linde, where you can get a quality vehicle for a reasonable price.


Avoiding Downtime

Downtime is a killer. It can drain your efficiency, productivity, and your budget. If customers expect quick turnarounds, missing that deadline can be the end of the relationship. You want a forklift service provider that understands this urgency and protects you from downtime. In fact, they should guarantee it. Look for providers that:

  • Assure and stand by optimized uptime for your business
  • Effectively use analytics
  • Incorporate high-quality preventative maintenance to limit downtime
  • Supply both routine and preventative maintenance
  • Have a solid reputation for top-notch service

Exceptional service providers will have plans that protect your uptime.


Planned Maintenance - Only the Best

Subpar service providers often offer cheap planned maintenance. This can draw people in, but buyer beware. Quick and ineffective, these PMs give shady dealers a chance to build in hidden costs and trap doors that you will pay for later. A trusted dealer will treat your materials handling equipment as its own and make sure its PM meets rigorous and transparent criteria:

  • Precise cataloging of time spent servicing equipment
  • Meet or beat competitor prices
  • Price of larger repairs, especially in the future
  • Internal service quality checks, guaranteeing its work
  • Step-by-step checklists of what was serviced

Transparent, comprehensive planned maintenance benefits your business in many ways, including worker safety, fleet longevity, lower long-term costs, and a working relationship with providers that you can count on.

Integrating Technology

Today, technology isn’t just a luxury: it’s a necessity. Top-level telematics and fleet management lead to more efficiency and more money in your pocket. The best service providers incorporate analytics into their decisions, guidance, and maintenance solutions they tailor for you. Whether it is lowering fuel costs, limiting downtime, tracking repair costs, or streamlining your operational efficiency, you should be able to find a solution. Many good providers bundle fleet management solutions with planned maintenance, giving you a comprehensive and cost-effective way to run your materials handling business.

Quality, Quality, Quality

There are many material handling service providers and dealers out there. Narrow down your search to those that have your back. They should use high-quality parts in their repairs, be upfront and open with pricing, and help you avoid downtime as much as possible. Avoid cheap planned maintenance and equipment; your fleet is a long-term investment meant to last.

Here at The Lilly Company, we put our customers first. We offer high-quality parts and rentals, OSHA training, and exceptional service you can trust, with experience and a reputation we stand behind. Contact us online or at one of our 13 locations today.  

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