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10 Reasons You’ll Love the New Electric Toyota DockStocker Forklift

10 Reasons You’ll Love the New Electric Toyota DockStocker Forklift

What if you could increase your warehouse productivity, raise your safety standards, and get a better ROI simultaneously? You can buy new electric forklifts with confidence, knowing that you’ll achieve better productivity, a better ROI, and the best usability for your outfit. Based on developments in technology and new product innovation, some of the best electric forklifts we’ve seen in years are hitting the market right now.

Introducing The New Toyota Stand-Up Counter-Balanced Forklift

If you want better productivity, impressive ROI, and all-around usability, you should look at the new Toyota stand-up counter-balanced forklift. Its one-of-a-kind dock-to-stock capability puts it a class all on its own. Due to its unique design, we recommend it for general warehouse needs, such as food, beverage, and freezer outfits. Here are ten reasons why we think the new Toyota stand-up rider should be your next electric forklift purchase.

1. Dock-to-Stock Solution

You have a busy warehouse, and you need an electric forklift that can work as well on the dock as it can on the warehouse floor. This forklift can do it all. Unload, load, rotate stock, and get your orders shipped with ease using this highly efficient stand-up forklift.

2. Lifting Capacity of up to 5,000 lbs 

You have a schedule to keep and a business to run. This dockstocker forklift is ideal for busy warehouses like yours that need to move goods quickly, safely, and efficiently. With a lifting capacity of up to 5,000 lbs, this stand-up electric forklift will lift your most oversized loads without breaking a sweat. What more could you want?

3. Top Travel and Lift/Lower Speeds

Do you know what kills productivity? Slow forklifts. Good thing this stand-up reach truck is here for your business. It can get your operators from dock to warehouse aisle in no time at all, making your entire business more efficient and more profitable. And with optimized lower/lift speeds, this stand-up electric forklift is not only efficient, but fun to operate too.

4. Better Mast Design 

If you can’t see well, you can’t work well. That’s why this new stand-up is such a joy to operate. The mast design on this stand-up electric forklift offers operators a clear line of sight, so you can get the job done safely and efficiently. Also, the standard integral side shift makes it easier to align each load by providing side-to-side carriage movement. 

5. Powerful AC Drive System 

The powerful AC drive system will get you from point A to point B all day long and then some, helping your operators be more efficient and productive throughout each shift. This system provides torque, stamina, and power, with a battery life that will last a long time between charges. Get your crew into these stand-up trucks and watch your output climb to new heights.

6. Low Step Height 

What’s good for your crew is good for you. Poorly designed forklifts that put more load on your body, and less on the stand-up truck, can wear you out over a long workday. This stand-up forklift's easy on-off step makes working hard all day long easier on your body. Take care of your crew, and they’ll take care of you.

7. Comfortable Ergonomics 

This stand up dockstocker’s comfortable and ergonomic design is top of its class. Built with an angled front and overhead guard, this truck will give your operators increased visibility and better efficiency all around. You will love the ergonomic control handle, which is designed for comfort and ease of use, all while giving the operator complete control of the stand-up forklift at all times.

8. Electric Technology 

The innovative technology on this stand-up electric forklift is impressive. The regenerative plugging system can transfer energy back to the battery with coasting and braking. That’s more efficiency and more power per shift for your operators.

9. Maneuverability 

With its dual steering wheel design, this compact stand-up has impressive maneuverability in narrow aisles where space is a premium. This makes for better, faster load engagements all day long. 

10. Comfort Ride Suspension 

You work hard, so you need your forklifts to work for you. This Toyota stand-up forklift's cushion floor mat and suspension design isolate the operator from repetitive vibration. This makes the Toyota stand-up counter-balanced electric forklift ideal for dock work or uneven surfaces, where the operator is driving over bumpy terrain all day. 

A Perfect Addition To Your Fleet

Adding an electric forklift to your fleet can be a wise decision. If you need to find a stand-up forklift that will drive productivity, reduce equipment breakdowns, and give you a fantastic ROI, you should take a good look at the Toyota stand-up counter-balanced Forklift. With its comfortable operator design, top-of-class technology, and ability to maneuver efficiently in small spaces, this stand-up truck may be the perfect addition to your busy warehouse crew.

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