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Different Types of Pallet Racking

Use Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse Storage Solutions

No matter how much space you have in your warehouse, it can be challenging to keep it tight and organized. The result? You have limited space, or at the least, inefficient use of your area. You need a system, and using pallet racking can be the storage solution you need. With many varieties to choose from, you can quickly transform your warehouse into a fluid, highly functional storage center. Read on to see which racking solution works best for you.

The Different Types of Pallet Racking

1. Selective Pallet Racking

If you are looking for ease of use and increased accessibility, selective pallet racking may be best. This system is the most common racking solution in the industry, and for a good reason. It provides direct access to pallets, making restocking a snap and allowing for different storage variations. With its vertical frames and beams in single or double rows, selective pallet racking helps warehouse managers utilize available space, reduce labor costs, and streamline inventory control.

2. Pushback Pallet Racking

This style of racking is ideal for multiple units of the same SKU and can drastically increase your storage capacity. With pushback pallet storage, you load the pallet from the front, pushing the unit behind it back one spot. As a high-density racking system - you can store pallets 2 to 5 deep - this rack works exceptionally well for smaller warehouses, or if you’re short on space. If you use FILO (First In Last Out) inventory control, this pallet rack makes a solid choice.

3. Drive-in/Drive-thru Pallet Racking

For managers searching for a high-density storage solution, this type of racking can be a great fit. It works by forklifts loading pallets on one side and unloading on the opposite side, designed to allow lift trucks easy access to the pallet. It limits access aisles, which can significantly increase your available storage space. Drive-in and drive-thru racking meshes with FILO inventory control and can be combined with other styles, like pushback pallet racks. This solution works well if you have a large number of similar products.

4. Pallet Flow Pallet Racking

Pallet flow racking is a high-density solution, driven by gravity, and is best for a FIFO (First In First Out) management system. It maximizes efficiency and can help your warehouse whir? along and transfer fast-moving inventory quickly. Only two lift truck aisles are needed, which can help you solve your storage issues immediately.

5. Cantilever Racking

If you need a customizable racking shelf that can store bulky, long, or irregularly-shaped materials, a cantilever rack system may be the call. The front of the rack is open, so loading is much easier than other racking systems. This industrial rack offers a flexible option for many companies that need a unique solution.


You do all you can to keep your warehouse running smoothly, but it can often be challenging to optimize that space. With many pallet racking options available, you can find the specific storage solution you need.

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