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Clark OSQ Order Picker Product Review

Clark OSQ Order Picker Product Review

Clark OSQ Order Picker Product Review

If your application has narrow aisles or requires picking small products, consider adding Clark’s OSQ order picker to your fleet. Operators love its stability and intuitive controls, and managers will appreciate its low cost of ownership.

Read on for key specs, product highlights, and what types of operations should and shouldn’t buy a Clark OSQ order picker.

Should You Buy A Clark OSQ Order Picker? 

The Clark OSQ is best-in-class for safety, stability, flexibility and ease of use. Compared to competitors (such as the Crown Wave), Clark's order picker is superior in all aspects.

Operators will appreciate the order picker’s intuitive controls, integrated safety features, and how stable it feels - even with the platform at maximum height. The OSQ has a small turning radius and overall footprint, and it fits through standard door openings. 

The Clark OSQ is built very well and designed to provide years of good service. Because it uses a brushless AC drive motor, cost of ownership and maintenance costs are as minimal as possible.  If maintained properly, Clark's OSQ will deliver years of reliable service at a low cost of operation.

Key Specs:

Product name: OSQ
Manufacturer: Clark
Price range: $13K-$25K
Value for the money: Excellent

  • Up to 700 lb. lifting capacity (front and rear work platform)
  • Three lift height options: 126”, 162”, or 192”
  • 24-volt motor
  • Brushless AC drive motor 
  • Battery pack with built-in charger (120V) or upgrade to a bigger battery with separate charger 
  • Regenerative braking
  • 180-degree drive motor steering arc
  • 2,500 lbs. towing capacity (requires optional tow hitch)
  • Hide-away rear work tray

Interesting features: Small footprint, easy to operate, fingertip travel control, lift, and lower functions, uses Clark's patented mast for stability and safety.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Tow hitch to pull additional cart/trailer of 2,500 lbs.
  • High-speed travel
  • 224AH AGM battery pack w/ 120v charger
  • 12-volt power outlet adapter

Download additional product info from Clark's website

A quick customer story: we demo’d the Clark OSQ for a customer that manufactures and distributes furniture. The OSQ worked very well in their application and made picking smaller items, such as cushions (in boxes), very easy. The OSQ's features, ease of use, and small size worked well. But in the end, the customer decided not to buy this particular order picker due to its smaller platform size. 

That said, the customer liked the functionality, pricing and safety/stability of the OSQ and may consider buying it at a later date. All the operators that tried the machine liked the Clark OSQ, especially its stability at height.

What Operations Should & Shouldn't Buy a Clark OSQ?

Clark's OSQ order picker is a great option for narrow aisle facilities that pick and stock smaller inventory items. Tight spaces and high heights are no problem for the OSQ. It can fit through standard doorways and allow the operator to reach upwards of 200." Auto parts manufacturers and warehouses, plumbing supply warehouses, food service distribution, and food broadliners are just a few applications that are a good match for the Clark OSQ. 

Don’t buy a Clark OSQ if you’re looking for a forklift replacement. 

  • Its small platforms are not designed for large/heavy objects. 
  • The OSQ is optimized to work in tight spaces. If you have an application that requires long runs, there are other products we'd recommend instead.
  • If you have a multi-shift operation, you might need to upgrade the battery or a different piece of equipment. 
  • This OSQ is ideal for warehouses, DCs, anywhere with smooth floors. It's not designed for foundry applications or facilities with rough or graded surfaces.

Buy a Clark Order Picker in Alabama or Tennessee

We hope the information above helps with your buying decision. If you have any questions about Clark products, order pickers, or would like other product recommendations, please let us know. 

We have Clark lift truck experts in Birmingham and Madison, AL in addition to Kingsport and Knoxville, TN. Contact us online or by phone (800-238-3006) with any questions you have.

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