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Do I Need a Forklift Attachment?

Do I Need a Forklift Attachment?

You know your forklift like an old friend. But friends - and forklifts - have limitations. Like the day you realized that friend didn’t have your back, sometimes your forklift lets you down. The solution? Forklift attachments. Attachments can solve many problems at your warehouse, adding flexibility and efficiency to your business.

You’re well aware of the types of loads you usually deal with. Whether you’re working with pallets or slip sheets, or are looking to minimize product damage, there is an attachment for you: one that can maximize your ROI. Let’s take a look at the main types of forklift attachments.

1.   Fork Positioners

You know how annoying dealing with different sizes of pallets can be? Fork positioners quickly fix this issue by altering the distance between the forks. Using hydraulic power, this attachment will save your operators time and increase company efficiency.

Forklift Attachment: Positioner K-Series

2.   Side-Shifters

Side-shifters work alongside the forks, providing a side-to-side motion. These offer a few benefits:

  • Pick up loads that are not centered
  • Add precision to the process
  • Less wear and tear on the forks and vehicle
  • Available in single and double units: drivers can quickly adapt to moving 1 or 2 pallets

This attachment can be a life-saver for many businesses.

Forklift Attachment: Sideshifter

3.  Bale Clamp

For handling baled goods like hay, recycled clothing, wool, or cotton, bale clamps are an ideal option. By incorporating hydraulics, these attachments improve efficiency, optimize energy use, and increase performance. Using bale clamps ensures that your baled loads are handled securely and conveniently.


4. Carton Clamps

If your business deals with square unitized loads, check out carton clamps. With a combination of large, flat side-plates and 2-way cylinders, you can handle materials precisely and safely. These clamps are made for pallet-less loads, which can help you free up storage by removing bulky pallets.

Forklift Attachment: Carton Clamps

5.   Paper Roll Clamps

These attachments are great for moving round objects, like drums or “paper rolls.” These clamps prevent crushing, denting, and other types of damage to your materials. In most cases, this attachment comes standard with the ability to rotate.

Forklift Attachment:  20H Paper Roll Clamp

6.   Push/Pull

If you are considering getting rid of pallets, these attachments could help you make the switch. Push/Pulls allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Products typically handled include bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages.

Forklift Attachment: PushPull

7.   Multiple Load Handlers

Some people simply need more out of their forklifts. If you’re the type who needs to move double or triple loads at a time, these attachments can scratch that itch. By adding a second or third set of forks to the truck, you can move more than one load at once. You see these a lot at beverage and food handling warehouses.

Forklift Attachment: Multiple Load Handlers Single/Double

8.   Carpet Poles

If you are in the carpet-moving business, look no further than this attachment. Made of heavy-duty coils, carpet poles can help you move your large rolls of carpet, no problem.

Forklift Attachment: Carpet Poles

9.   Rotators

If you need to dump a load or require load inversion, rotators can help. These attachments can rotate 360º using a hydraulically driven mechanism. 

Forklift Attachment: Rotator


When you need just the right forklift attachments or parts, turn to the experts at The Lilly Company. Our team of pros can answer any attachment questions you have, while our factory-certified technicians can service any make or model of forklift. 

The Lilly Company serves customers throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and eastern Arkansas. Contact us online or by phone at 844-LILLYCO (1-844-545-5926) with any questions you have, or visit us at one of our 13 locations across the mid-South:

Arkansas - Jonesboro
Alabama - Birmingham, Dothan, Irondale, Madison, Mobile, and Montgomery
Mississippi - Tupelo and Richland
Tennessee - Jackson, Kingsport, Knoxville, and Memphis

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