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Does Your Warehouse Need a Mezzanine?


Does Your Warehouse Need a MezzanineMultitasking is something everyone does every day. At home, we cook dinner while keeping an eye on the kids. At work, we take calls and answer emails, all while ensuring our real jobs get done. And we don’t just expect it of ourselves. We expect our friends, loved ones, employees, and bosses all to multitask. We even demand it of the things we own. We want to be able to answer a text while on a phone call. We want to be able to listen to music while we work on our computers. So why don’t we expect our warehouses to multitask?

If your warehouse only works on the ground floor, you aren’t asking enough of it. With only one level, every square foot of space does only one thing. Demand more of your warehouse. Keep reading to learn how a mezzanine gets more out of your warehouse.

What Is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

A warehouse mezzanine is a standing platform or floor between the warehouse floor and ceiling. They are semi-permanent structures, usually added after the warehouse’s construction.

They serve a variety of functions. Warehouse mezzanine systems expand available storage space. They supply a space for work away from the warehouse floor. They provide easier access to inventory. And they allow workers to move around the warehouse without passing through forklift traffic.

Kinds of Warehouse Mezzanines

There are several different kinds of mezzanine systems. Each suits a specific purpose within a warehouse.

  • Free-standing mezzanines. Free-standing is the most flexible type of mezzanine. It does not rely on structural support from the existing warehouse. So, you can build it almost anywhere. It requires little to no modification to the building itself. And it excels as a platform for a variety of applications.
  • Shelving-supported mezzanines. These are great for expanding access to smaller inventory. Shelving-supported mezzanines are relatively inexpensive to install. They use existing shelving to support the mezzanine. But they are also difficult to move after installation.
  • Rack-supported mezzanines. These are sometimes called catwalks. They are usually a walkway installed partway up a pallet rack. They allow simultaneous access to several pallet rack levels at once and are inexpensive to install. But, they rely on existing pallet racks for support.
  • Full mat mezzanines. Full mat mezzanines are a variation on shelving or rack-supported mezzanines. Instead of providing access to the upper levels of a shelving unit, they use the shelving tops as support columns for an open-space work area.
  • Column-connected mezzanines. These mezzanines use the existing columns of the warehouse for support. They require the warehouse to take the mezzanine platform's additional weight. This means warehouse columns need to be rated to handle the extra strain. But they can be installed relatively quickly as they use the existing support structures.

Common Mezzanine Uses

Warehouse mezzanines can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can be designed and constructed to fit almost any need. However, most designs fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Storage mezzanines. This variety of mezzanine is designed to increase the available storage space of the warehouse.
  • Office mezzanines. This kind of mezzanine creates office space above the warehouse shelving. This is excellent for warehouse administrative duties, breakrooms, secure storage, or even worker cafeterias.
  • Industrial mezzanines. These are great if you need to expand the work area in your warehouse. They allow you to create a second floor of usable equipment to boost productivity.

What Are the Benefits of a Warehouse Mezzanine?

There are a lot of benefits to adding a mezzanine to your warehouse. Their flexibility of design and versatility make them useful for almost any industry. But there are a few benefits they provide no matter the design.

Maximize Your Available Space

To get the most out of your warehouse, you need to use every square inch to maximum efficiency. Forklift reach-maximums and ladders limit how high inventory can be from ground level. And, without a mezzanine, only one worker can access a pallet rack at a time.

Mezzanines allow you to use all the vertical space in your warehouse. In addition, catwalks and platforms allow workers to simultaneously access products from different pallet rack levels. This not only increases your usable storage space but also increases the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Save Money

The curse of a growing business is the cost of expansion. A successful warehouse can outgrow a single floor in no time at all. Increasing demands could force you to look at adding on an additional warehouse or relocating entirely.

A mezzanine allows you to get the most out of the space you already have. They are easy to tailor to your specific needs. And, compared to new construction, they are quick and inexpensive to build.

Improved Warehouse Safety

Safety isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about mezzanines. But they do a lot to improve the safety of your warehouse. Mezzanines give workers a place to go that is off the warehouse floor. This means handling and storage areas can be kept separate. And workers moving through the warehouse don’t have to negotiate forklift traffic to reach the other side.

Additionally, the elevation provides supervisors and safety officers an excellent vantage point. The catwalks and platforms allow them to get above the action to spot potential hazards before they become accidents.

Is a Mezzanine Right For Your Warehouse?

Nearly every warehouse can benefit from a mezzanine system. It’s just a question of what design is best for your needs. The experts at The Lilly Company offer customized warehouse solutions. They’re committed to working with your team to expand your storage space, increase productivity, improve safety, or address your current challenge.

To request a consultation with a Warehouse Design Specialist, contact us online or by phone: 1-844-545-5924. Or visit us at one of our 13 Mid-South locations:

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