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Used Pallet Racking: Is It Worth the Risk?

Used Pallet Racking - Is It Worth the Risk?

As a cost-conscious manager, you want to make the most of every dollar you spend. Used pallet racking may seem like an attractive option because of its low price, but it's rare to find used racking that's precisely what you need, and there are often hidden costs. 

That low price you see online? Once you add in shipping and installation, the price difference between new and used pallet racking becomes very slim. Defective or missing parts and seismic regulations are a few more reasons buyers should avoid wasting hard-earned profits on used pallet racking.

Used Pallet Shelving: Small Savings, Big Risk

When you shop for used pallet shelving online, you’ll see some attractive prices. Used shelving can be 30-50 percent cheaper than buying new rack. But don’t forget about:

  • Shipping - costs are usually higher because used rack can’t be boxed up neat and tight like new racking
  • Installation - ask your local installer for a quote to install new vs. used rack (the rate is usually higher for used because it’s a bigger hassle)
  • Repairs - scuffed and dinged rack can make employees and visitors think, “this is a company that cuts corners,” expect to spend extra money on paint and replacement parts.

In addition to the scratches and dings you can see, the rack may have hidden damage. The seller or previous owner may have painted the rack and hammered out dents to conceal signs of a collision that compromised the integrity of the rack.

Bottom line: used pallet racking costs a lot more than the price you see online. When you add it all up, the final price for used warehouse racking is often just slightly below the cost for new rack, but for an inferior product with no warranty.

In our area, there are seismic concerns and safety regulations you must adhere to. With used warehouse racking, you can’t be certain what you’re buying meets the structural requirements of our local building code. Markings can be obscured, missing, and/or the original manufacturer may be out of business. When you buy new pallet racking, you get a system engineered to meet or exceed your specified capacity - backed by a warranty.

Before you buy used pallet racking, ask yourself: why are we buying warehouse rack in the first place? We’re guessing your answer is, “to maximize our space….obviously.”

Smart answer. Why pay for empty air? 

Unfortunately, operations that only look at used pallet racking often fail to meet their goal: to maximize storage. They end up with a system that’s a few feet shorter than they wanted or horizontal beams that aren’t the ideal depth because that's what's available

If you’re buying high-density shelving because you want to maximize every possible inch of you space, why limit yourself to what’s available on the used market? When you buy new pallet racking, you don't have to compromise. You'll get a custom solution tailored to your space.

Lastly, do you really want someone else's leftovers? 

  • Businesses often sell their warehouse racking because it's old and, in some cases, no longer supported by the manufacturer. 
  • That means you’ll have trouble getting replacement parts and may need to buy new sections of rack to fill in any gaps. 
  • Many buyers don’t realize: pallet racking isn’t always interchangeable. Even the most common style (Teardrop rack) may not fit together if it comes from different manufacturers.

Bottom line: when you buy new warehouse racking, you don’t have to compromise. Maximize your storage space and relax knowing you have a seismically safe system backed by a warranty. 

Is there ever a situation where it’s okay to buy used pallet racking? If you have a very small warehouse or need racking ASAP, used pallet racking can be a good option. Buy locally to save on shipping and invest in extra uprights, beams, etc. so you’ll have replacement parts.

Not Convinced? Get a Free, No-Obligation Quote

If, after reading this article, used pallet racking still seems like a good option, we hope you’ll still contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on new pallet racking. Why?

  • Because we’re local! Why waste hundreds of dollars on shipping? Put that money towards a custom solution instead. We’ll deliver right to your door (and install it too).
  • You’ll have a backup plan in case the used rack you want becomes unavailable.
  • We provide free, no-pressure, on-site consultations.
  • We also offer pallet racking repair, service, and regular maintenance

Contact a pallet racking expert at The Lilly Company online or call 844-LILLYCO (1-844-545-5926) with any questions you have, or connect us at one of our 13 locations across the Mid-South.

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