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Forklift Attachments for Appliances and White Goods

Forklift Attachments for Appliances and White Goods_1
Forklift Attachments for Appliances and White Goods

Forklift attachments are fantastic for handling non-palletized materials of all kinds. However, some goods require more careful handling than others. White goods like appliances and televisions can be tricky to transport inside a warehouse. Their weight demands power, but their sensitive components need a gentle touch. When handling these goods, specialized attachments are a must. Read on to learn about the most commonly used forklift attachments for white goods.

Forklift Attachments for White Goods

While there are a host of excellent forklift attachments on the market, appliances have special needs. Many are non-palletized and relatively fragile compared to other warehoused products. Specifically designed attachments prevent damage during handling.

White Goods Forklift Clamp Attachment



This forklift clamp attachment resembles the carton clamps you're likely most familiar with. It features a large, articulated pad for optimum lifting and contact. This enlarged surface area and stabilized design distribute the clamping force evenly and reduce the force needed to hold the appliance. This design reduces damage to white goods during transport and lifting, making it an exceptional choice for handling appliances in boxes or clear-view packaging.

Forward Rotating Arm Clamps

This variant of forklift clamp attachment is most valuable when product dimensions require T-loading. True to the name, they allow the operator to rotate loads forward. For example, when loading refrigerators, the operator clamps the upright fridge and then rotates it 90 degrees. The fridge is then laid down, unclamped, and reclamped, allowing it to be loaded on top of other upright refrigerators in the trailer.

Telescopic Carton Clamp

Appliances come in all shapes and sizes. Telescopic carton clamps are priceless when working with wide cartons or moving multiple appliances simultaneously, such as a stack of washing machines. These models, like the KT-CF from Bolzoni, allow the operator to expand the clamp width to extreme dimensions. A wide-open clamp enables the forklift to handle more appliances simultaneously, thus improving productivity without damaging the product.

Appliance Clamp with Forks 

Though less common, some white goods come on pallets. Combining the appliance clamp with traditional forks allows the operator to stably lift palletized appliances. This combination prevents top-heavy loads from falling from the pallet during transport. Additionally, this style of attachment can be used to fill pallets. The operator starts with an empty pallet loaded onto the forks and then loads it with stock from the warehouse. For this reason, these clamps are sometimes called shopping clamps.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners are a necessity for any facility that moves white goods. These forklift attachments allow the driver to reposition the forks quickly and accurately without leaving the driver's seat. Without this attachment, the forks would require manual adjustment, significantly reducing productivity. Fork positioners are especially important in facilities that use multiple pallet sizes.

Multiple Load Handlers

For facilities with uniformly palletized white goods, multiple load handlers are an excellent forklift attachment for increasing efficiency. This style features a double or triple set of forks, allowing the forklift to carry one, two, or three palletized loads at a time. Cutting down on trips reduces operational time, allowing your facility to do more in less time.

Damage Reduction Systems

White goods, especially electronics, are highly susceptible to damage when handled by regular carton clamps. However, various purpose-built systems can minimize that damage—these range from simple, operator-managed switches to automatic clamp force systems.

Touch Force Control System



The Touch Force Control System (TFC) by Cascade is an intuitive touch-screen display system where the forklift operator selects the lifted product. The system then adjusts clamp pressure to the preset for that product, ensuring the appliance is not damaged during lifting. Bolzoni offers a similar product called the Easy-FORCE-C. This system also allows the operator to control clamp pressure with an easy-to-use touch-screen display.

Electronic Pressure Regulator

This system is similar to the TFC, except it uses a manual switch instead of the touch screen. It offers fewer presets than the TFC, making it ideal for warehouses that move appliances that require similar clamp pressure.

Automatic Force Control Systems

The Hydraulic Force Control (HFC), Volumetric Force Control (VFC), and Automatic Pressure Control (APC) are automatic force control systems by Cascade. Each uses a different load parameter to determine the minimum clamp pressure and automatically sets the hydraulic system to that pressure. The HFC determines lift pressure by load weight. The VFC uses the load volume. The APC relies on the load width. Each minimizes the amount of clamp force used and dramatically reduces product damage.

Solutions for Every ApplicationWhite_Goods_Forklift_attachment

Handling white goods calls for calibrated lifting. We take that same approach to your business. Since 1919, The Lilly Company has offered custom solutions to businesses throughout the Mid-South. You can trust that our expert team has the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect forklift attachments for appliances and the damage reduction systems to keep them safe.



To learn more about forklift attachments for white goods, contact us online or visit one of our Mid-South locations:

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