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Popular Forklift Attachments: #2 Barrel Grabbers and Drum Clamps

Popular Forklift Attachments #2 Barrel Grabbers and Drum Clamps

For our second article about the most popular forklift attachments, we’re focusing on drum clamps and barrel grabbers. There are a lot of options depending on your application:

  • Wine barrel clamp attachments
  • Specialized drum clamps used in chemical handling applications
  • Easy on, easy off barrel grabbers
  • ...and many more

Drum Clamps and Barrel Grabbers

A barrel grabber attachment allows forklift operators to pick up and transport steel drums without leaving the operator's seat. Installation is easy. Slide the forks into the attachment's fork tubes, and the truck is ready to start grabbing barrels.

  • We offer both single and double drum grabbers
  • We also offer an attachment with adjustable arms for use with 30-gallon or 55-gallon drums

There's also a forklift attachment that can handle up to four 55-gallon drums. This option is a little more permanent (it doesn’t slide on and off using fork tubes), but it is available with a quick-disconnect mounting option.

Forklift Attachments for Metal, Fiber or Plastic Drums

With the Deluxe Combination Fork Mounted Drum Lifter, operators can transport any type of drum or barrel, including open or closed head drums and 30 or 55-gallon drums made from steel, fiber or plastic. We also have automatic drum lifters available (see video below).


Another popular forklift attachment for drum and barrel handling is the drum positioner. It’s designed to lift 55-gallon steel or plastic drums from a horizontal to vertical position (and vice versa). This attachment  is a real productivity booster if operators spend a lot of time loading barrels in and out of drum stands, vehicles, pallets or racking. 


Specialized Forklift Drum Clamp Attachments


Forward-Tipping and Revolving Drum Clamps

Need to rotate or tip industrial drums or barrels? There are a few different attachments that make this job smooth and easy. The revolving drum clamp attachment shown above allows the operator to rotate the drum up to 360 degrees. 

We also have forward tipping drum clamps available. This forklift attachment provides positive lateral grip plus 180° frontward articulation. Smooth and powerful hydraulic controls make it easy for operators to transport, invert or empty drums throughout the day.


Chemical Drum Clamp

If your application includes transporting or storing hazardous materials like chemicals, oil, gas, paint, explosives, waste, pesticides or fertilizers, Cascade’s chemical drum clamp is designed to securely handle everything from Ammonia to Zinc. Operators can lift, clamp, rotate, dump and weigh drums quickly and safely without ever leaving the operator’s seat.

Keg and Wine Barrel Grabbers

Forklift Keg Handler

A keg handler forklift attachment allows workers to safely and efficiently handle 18 full kegs or 36 empty kegs. They’re ideal for loading and unloading trailers at breweries, beverage distribution centers and warehouses. Note: the attachments we offer are not designed to handle Sankey kegs.

Wine Barrel Handler Forklift Attachments

Designed for use in the “cave” or other narrow aisle environments, a wine barrel forklift attachment simplifies the barrel handling process.

  • Forklift operators can easily grab a barrel from the top of a stack and move it to the desired location or gently lower it to the ground 
  • The 180-degree swinging fork assembly allows the driver to pick up barrels from either side of a narrow aisle
  • The fork cradle design includes rollers to facilitate manual spinning of the barrel for mixing
  • The forklift wine barrel handlers we have can handle most wine barrel types and sizes

Rightline & Cascade Forklift Attachments Offered in the Mid-South

Our experienced and friendly staff can help you choose the right forklift attachment for your business needs and budget. We offer both Cascade and Rightline forklift attachments to customers throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and eastern Arkansas.

Contact a forklift attachment expert at The Lilly Company online or by phone 844-LILLYCO (1-844-545-5926) with any questions you have, or come visit us at one of our 13 locations across the Mid-South. 

Arkansas - Jonesboro
Alabama - Birmingham, Dothan, Irondale, Madison, Mobile, and Montgomery
Mississippi - Tupelo and Richland
Tennessee - Jackson, Kingsport, Knoxville, and Memphis

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