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Forklift Product Review: Linde H50 - H80 EVO

Linde Forklift Product Review

Product Review _ Linde H50 - H80 EVO

When you have heavy-duty work, you need a high-performance forklift. Not every forktruck is up to the challenge, but Linde H50 - H80 EVO forklifts are. Linde forklifts are state-of-the-art, low-maintenance workhorses that put safety first. Read on to discover what we love about this series, what it’s best suited for, and what to know before you invest.

Key Features

There’s a lot to admire in the Linde H50 - H80 EVO line. However, here are the top three features that make it a winner for heavy-duty work.

  • Driver safety. Large loads risk big falls, and this line prioritizes driver safety. The reinforced roof and frame protect the driver in case of dropped material. Meanwhile, the low-profile center cylinder free lift mast improves driver visibility, helping prevent accidents in the first place.
  • Tuned for high performance, the engine, hydrostatic drive, and proprietary Linde Load Control lift system work to create an efficient, powerful machine. The whole range boasts impressive lifting capacity, but the Linde H80D has the largest capacity, at over 8 tons.
  • Reduced maintenance. The hydrostatic drive does not require a transmission, clutch, differential, or drum brakes. Without these maintenance-heavy parts, service and repair times are dramatically reduced.


Best Suited For:

This Linde IC truck line is best suited for heavy-duty applications with frequent, large loads. ic_truck-moving-manufacturing-3893_3084_16x9w320

Not Recommended For:

This series is not recommended for frequent light- to medium-duty applications or narrow aisle picking. The smallest model, the Linde H50D at 5 tons capacity, requires almost 20 feet of aisle width to make loaded turns.


Model Name(s): H50D, H50T, H60D, H60T, H70D, H70T, H80D, H80Tic_truck-H50EVO_H80EVO-4285_C_alpha_1x1w320

Manufacturer: Linde

Capacity: 10,000 lbs (Linde H50D) to 17,600 lbs (Linde H80D)

Lifting Height: 31.5 ft.

Aisle Width with Pallet: 17.5 ft.

Loaded Travel Speed: 13.5 mph

Fuel Type: Diesel or LPG


Linde Material Handling packed about ten pounds of impressive into a five-pound bag when they designed the H50 - H80 EVO forklift line. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most valuable features.


linde_safety_pilot-3992_8076_16x9w320In addition to the Linde Protector Frame and low-profile mast, this IC forklift line includes a torsion support system that reduces dangerous mast rotations by up to 30 percent. Additionally, delay-free breaking ensures the fork truck stops on a dime even when loaded. Plus, the stable wheelbase and fully hydraulic steering offer improved operator control.



This series offers incredible ergonomics, including a spacious suspension cab, thoughtful instrument layout, and comfortable driver's seat. Linde also extends ergonomic planning into forklift operation by incorporating a dual pedal control system. One pedal moves the truck forward, and the other moves in reverse. The forklift automatically stops moving when the driver's foot comes off the pedal.


Superior handling starts with the precision steering provided by this line's hydraulic system and hydrostatic direct drive. High-performance engines also offer fast processing with low consumption. Likewise, the Linde Load Control system allows the operator to perform load-handling tasks with millimeter precision. So, even when the Linde H80D is fully loaded, the driver is in complete control.


While the Linde H50D through H80D are primarily high-capacity designs, they may still be used for other purposes. To ensure versatility, Linde engineered this line to include selectable, dynamic modes to modulate performance. These include performance mode for optimized power, efficiency mode for balanced performance, and economy mode for precision handling.


This line of Linde forklifts enjoys long maintenance intervals, which translates to reduced downtime and fewer consumable components. In fact, the first engine oil change and lubrication is after an impressive 1,000 operating hours. Better still, the first hydraulic oil change comes after 6,000 hours. Think of what you could accomplish with all that uptime!


To top it all off, the H50 - H80 EVO line is customizable. Base units are upgradeable to include:

  • Rotating driver workstations for improved handling and visibility
  • Advanced comfort seats with lumbar support, heating, active ventilation, and air suspension
  • Linde Safety Pilot, which constantly monitors the load to prevent tipping accidents


Due to the enormous diversity among forklift-using industries, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all forklift. Even the best models are only ideal for their indented use. To that end, here are some things to consider before investing in a Linde H50 - H80 EVO forklift:

  • Wider aisle requirements. These forklifts are robust and stable but also make wider turns than your average forklift. Consider your aisle width before investing in either the H50D or H80D.
  • Fuel requirements. While the dynamic performance modes allow operational versatility, these trucks are overkill if you move only moderate-sized loads. While the added power can be tempting, their fuel requirements will make them more costly to operate than a forklift designed for medium-duty work. For lighter applications, consider the Linde H25 - H35 EVO series or one of the other Linde lines.

A Low-Maintenance Workhorse From Your Local Partner

If you are in the market for a heavy-duty IC forklift in Tennessee, we strongly endorse the Linde H50 - H80 EVO series forklifts. As your local dealer, our team has the expertise you need to discover if a Linde forklift is right for your facility. So, when looking for Linde forklifts for sale, let our experts demonstrate this line’s impressive capabilities. To learn more about Linde forklifts or to request a quote, contact us online or visit one of our Tennessee locations:

Tennessee - Knoxville and Kingsport

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