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Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick: Putting You in Control

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Forklift fleet managers are chasing ambitious productivity goals. They invest in new equipment aiming to reduce downtime. But machines are only as productive as people who control them. Lately, more managers realize that efficiency depends on the satisfaction of their operators.

Operator preferences influence what you buy now, more than ever. You can find a range of unique custom features that fit the operator and application needs. Tailored pedals, seats, armrests, and grips make operators less tired and more productive. New technologies, like controls used for daily tasks, make their work easier. One example is the forklift joystick control. Read on to learn what a forklift joystick is, its benefits, and how the NEW Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick revolutionizes material handling.

What is a Forklift Joystick?

Most forklifts come with cowl-mounted levelers. Until now, it has been the most popular method for all hydraulic functions. Your operators likely have been using cowl-mounted levelers ever since they started driving. Levelers get the job done. But joystick controls push your comfort, efficiency and productivity to the next level. 

Joysticks are an extension of the forklift driver's arm. They are comfortable, intuitive, and sensitive to operate. Hardware and software create a high-precision operation. The new Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick encompasses all these benefits in a sleek, compact forklift upgrade.

Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick: Putting You in Control

Toyota's EZ Control Joystick offers a revolutionary, ergonomic approach to material handling. It keeps all hydraulic controls, travel direction, and a horn button in a single handle. You can control lift, tilt, and all auxiliary functions within the palm of your hand. Strategic button placement and smooth operation help drivers stay comfortable. They remain in control and tackle the most precise forklift challenges.

Toyota makes joysticks available on all Core IC, Mid IC, Large IC, Core Electric, and 3-Wheel Electric forklifts. 

Toyota EZ Control Joystick Functions include:

  • Travel Direction Switch (option available for steering column-mounted directional switch)
  • Lift and Lower Forks 
  • Forward and Backward Tilt 
  • Auxiliary Control 1 (Ex. Side Shift)
  • Auxiliary Control 2 (Ex. Fork Positioner) 
  • Auto Fork Leveling 
  • Horn Button (on the back)

Tony Miller, TMH Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering, says: "Our goal at Toyota is to constantly work to develop innovative and creative solutions. The Toyota EZ Control Joystick epitomizes that goal by raising the bar in comfort and functionality for our forklifts. Our customers expect reliable, performance-enhancing solutions to their evolving challenges. The Toyota EZ Control Joystick delivers that and more."


Let's take a closer look at the joystick's functions and benefits.

Increase Productivity

With the joystick, all hydraulic controls remain right in the palm of your hand. Thus, expect optimized productivity. The ergonomic design of the joystick comes with a strategic horn button placement. The joystick has a forward/reverse directional switch. Your operators can rest one hand on the steering wheel and control all necessary functions simultaneously. The joystick keeps fatigue at bay but allows many tasks at once, such as lift and tilt. Forklift operators can use built-in controls on the side of the armrest. They can make adjustments that fit their preferences. The armrest has fore and aft, vertical, and tilt adjustments for optimal comfort and productivity.

Precise Operation

Precise handling of loads is key to reducing product damage and staying productive. Toyota's EZ Control Joystick utilizes an ISO style joystick design. You can find this design in construction and agricultural equipment. The joystick works in high-profile applications where simultaneous functions are crucial. Its durability and performance help you ensure a high-precision operation.

Joystick Controls

Comfortable and Reliable

The joystick satisfies operator preferences with standard fore/aft, vertical, and tilt adjustments. Operators can make quick adjustments by using built-in controls on the armrest side. The hydraulics always react immediately to the displacement of the joystick. Drivers can always rely on consistent joystick behavior. No damage occurs due to an unexpected machine reaction.

Easy Storage and Charging

Storing small items like pens, tape, and tools can be challenging on sit-down forklifts. The EZ Control Joystick comes with a storage compartment and two USB charging ports. Operators can store objects and charge their portable electronic devices as they work.

Joystick Controls

Empower Your Operators with Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick

Can your business benefit from a forklift joystick? It depends on your application and operator preference. If you think Toyota EZ Control Forklift Joystick may enhance your operation, contact an expert at The Lilly Company. We can show the EZ Control Joystick in action and show other technologies that empower your operators and your business. 

The Lilly Company serves customers throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and eastern Arkansas. Contact a forklift expert online or by phone 800-238-3006 with any questions you may have. Visit one of our 9 Toyota locations across the mid-South. 

Arkansas – Jonesboro
Alabama - Dothan, Irondale, Mobile, and Montgomery
Mississippi - Tupelo and Richland
Tennessee - Jackson, and Memphis

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