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2 min read

Trading In Your Forklift? 22 Questions You'll Have to Answer

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22 Questions to Answer Before Trading-in Your Forklift

A forklift is a valuable part of any operation, carrying your productivity on its mast. Like any piece of equipment, a forklift has its limitations. You may have noticed that repairs are becoming more frequent, and the cost outweighs the forklift's value. Every hour of downtime decreases productivity, turning a truck into a liability.

If your forklift no longer fits your objective, it may be perfect for a different business. It may be the right time to trade-in your lift truck for a new forklift. If you trade your forklift to a dealership like The Lilly Company, we will visit your facility and assess your equipment to determine its trade in value.

In this article, we cover the 22 questions we will ask about your lift truck. Read them now, so you can ensure you get the highest value for your equipment.

  1. Does your forklift engine give off any smoke?
  2. Does your transmission slip or leak?
  3. If we checked the drive axle, would we find it leaking, noisy, or loose?
  4. If your steel axle bent, loose, or leaking?
  5. Does the differential make noise?
  6. Do the breaks work properly?
  7. When you check the full free cylinder, can you notice any leaks?
  8. Are the mast channels tight or loose?
  9. Are your mast rollers in good condition?
  10. Do the forks seem worn out, rewelded, or have broken tips?
  11. Is the upright sloppy, damaged, or possible to bend?
  12. Is the lift cylinder scored or leaking?
  13. Is the tilt cylinder scored or leaking?
  14. Do the hoses leak or have cracks on them?
  15. For electric forklifts, what’s the battery capacity and the condition of cables?
  16. Can you notice damage to the sheet metal?
  17. Is the seat torn?
  18. Are the front and rear tires chucked, and to what extent?
  19. Is there an extra attachment and is it the attachment worn or cracked?
  20. Does the horn work?
  21. Do the lights work?
  22. Is the overhead guard damaged or straight?

Prepare to Trade-in Your Forklift

We hope this removes the mystery about how we come up with your trade in value.  

To take advantage of a current special, reach out to one of the Toyota dealerships in: 

  • Jonesboro, AR
  • Jackson, Memphis, TN
  • Belden, Richland, MS
  • Dothan, Irondale & Mobile, AL

Now until December 31st, 2020, get a $2,500 factory rebate from Toyota when you trade in your old forklift for a new Toyota. Click the link for the details. The offer is applicable on Electric & Internal Combustion counterbalance models, Order Pickers, Electric Pallet Jacks, and Reach Trucks.

Click here to see if you qualify for a $2500 trade-in rebate

Here at The Lilly Company, we aim to bring you the most valuable trade-in deals. We offer OSHA training and forklift maintenance to prolong your forklift's life and increase its resale price. We stand behind our experience and exceptional reputation. Contact us online or at one of our  locations today.  

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