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Product Review: AICHI Vertical Mast Lift

AICHI Vertical Mast Lift Product Review

Product Review AICHI Vertical Mast LiftBigger isn't always better. After all, you wouldn't use a sledgehammer on a finishing nail. You need the right equipment for the right job. So when a scissor lift is too big and clunky, look no further than the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift. This mast lift is the perfect fit when you need to go high in a tight space. Read on to learn what makes the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift an exceptional piece of aerial lift equipment.


Key Features

  • Made for tight spaces. The Vertical Mast Lift is only 30 inches wide and 4.5 feet long.  This compact design makes it the perfect fit for small spaces like narrow warehouse aisles.
  • Handles tight turns. The lift has a zero-degree turning radius, allowing it to easily maneuver around any obstruction.
  • Gets hard-to-reach spots. The platform extends up to 15 inches. This allows the operator to reach tough places without stretching over the rails or repositioning the lift.

Best Suited For:

The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift is best used in narrow spaces for maintenance or construction activities like cleaning, changing light bulbs, or painting in a warehouse or industrial setting.

Not Recommended For:

The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift is not an order picker. It is not designed for applications requiring the operator to stand at a height above 16 feet.


Product Name: AICHI Vertical Mast Lift
Manufacturer: AICHI Corporation (a Toyota Industries Company)
Lift Capacity: 500 lbs at full lift height
Lift Height: 15.8 feet
Value for the Money: For frequent light-duty jobs, the safety and reliability of the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift can't be beaten.


  • 3-stage telescoping mast. As the name suggests, the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift uses a mast instead of scissors to provide lifting power and stability. This allows a highly compact design that is not possible with scissor lifts.
  • Anti-rollback function. Traverse grades as steep as 30% without fear. The anti-rollback function ensures the lift won't slide backward on ramps and inclines. This feature helps keep the operator safe from falls.
  • Tilt alarm. A built-in tilt alarm sounds whenever the lift sits at an unsafe angle. This feature helps prevent injuries from the lift tipping over on uneven ground.
  • Power to the platform. The working platform features a 110V electrical outlet to power tools at height without resorting to dangerous extension cords.
  • Top and bottom control panels. In addition to the control panel on the working platform, the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift has a lower control panel with a multi-functional display. This control panel allows an operator on the ground to control the lift and monitor the battery. This is especially useful during service and emergency situations.
  • No-tools access panels. No tools are required to access the lift’s service panels and battery compartment.
  • Reduced maintenance. The lift includes Toyota-designed and built motor controllers paired with brushless AC drive motors. Together, these significantly reduce the maintenance required for the lift, keeping it up and working longer.
  • Longer run times. The lift's AC motors are more energy efficient than competing DC motors. This results in longer run times between charges than similar lifts.
  • Smooth controls. An ergonomic control handle combines with the smooth operation of the motors for fine-tuned control.


  • Lightweight. Built for compact applications, the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift can’t lift as much as larger AICHI scissor lifts.
  • Less lift. The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift cannot extend as high as most scissor lifts.


When you need to get off the ground but don't have the space or need for big scissor lifts, the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift may be for you. This compact telescoping mast lift provides the safety and maneuverability needed to get the job done, even in narrow passages. To learn more about aerial lift options like the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift, contact us online or visit one of our Mid-South locations:

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